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NSPRA Executive Board Election Opens Aug. 14 - Sept. 4


NSPRA is governed by an Executive Board comprised of 12 officers: a president, president-elect, vice president for diversity engagement, seven regional vice presidents and two appointed vice presidents at-large. The annual election of officers is conducted in August, and this year, there is a contested election only for the office of president-elect. From Aug. 14–Sept. 4, 2020, professional-level members of NSPRA as of Friday, Aug. 14, will have the opportunity to cast a vote on the president-elect candidates via digital ballot.

Following are the two candidates running for president-elect in 2020-21 (listed alphabetically):

The president-elect serves one year in office before assuming the presidency. While serving on the Executive Board, elected officers must fulfill their duties in accordance with NSPRA Bylaws. These duties may include:

  • Doing whatever may be necessary for the furtherance of the purposes of the association, the attainment of the purposes of the Articles of Incorporation, and the study and teaching of its ideals, its ethics and its unique features or organization;
  • Assisting the president in preparing programs for the Annual Meeting and other meetings of the association;
  • Authorizing appointment of all committees;
  • Formulating policies for the program and services of the association; and
  • Directing the Executive Director in the depositing or investing of such moneys as the association may receive and in business arrangements made on behalf of the association.

Newly elected officers take office each year on Oct. 1. 

Two days prior to the vote opening, NSPRA will send all association members an email notifying them of this digital voting process.