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ALSPRA Member Spotlight: Courtney Washington, Selma City Schools

Courtney Washington, PR Selma City Schools
Courtney Washington, Selma City Schools

Q: What is your official title?
A: Community Engagement Specialist. 

Q: What you do day-to-day, in a nutshell?
A: Coordinate media (radio, tv, newspaper), social media and website, community partnerships, district events/awards/recognition programs and campaigns, etc. (...and much more all in a day sometimes 🙂)

Q: What is your hometown?
A: Selma

Q: Tell us about your schooling?
A: I am a product of the Selma City School System, my undergraduate degree is from the University of Alabama and my graduate degree is from Troy University Montgomery.  I am currently enrolled in Concordia University Wisconsin's doctoral program.

Q: What do you like about doing school PR in Selma?
A: I appreciate having the opportunity to communicate to the local community the great things taking place across the district. Having the support of our community partners has really helped change how we are doing school and has had a positive impact on our scholars and how people view the district. It feels good knowing that my job is helping to make all this possible.

Q: What do you like about ALSPRA?
A: Joining ALSPRA was the best thing I did upon starting with Selma City Schools, as I was new to world of Public Relations and community engagement. I like meeting with and learning from other school PR professionals. Information and resources have been a great assistance, as well.