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Submit Entries for the 2019 Excellence in Communications Awards Program

Excellence in Communications Awards Program

Professional Award Categories

Nez Calhoun Distinguished Service Award

This award honors an ALSPRA member for his or her commitment and dedication to the organization and to the profession. Typically, this member has gone above and beyond the call to support ALSPRA and its members. Any ALSPRA member in good standing may nominate a fellow member for this award. 

Communicator of the Year Award

This award recognizes an ALSPRA member for outstanding work in the field of public relations prior to and during the previous school year.  A nominated member may be at any point in his or her career. Nominations will be accepted from ALSPRA members, colleagues, supervisors, and superintendents/Board members. 

Outstanding Leadership in School/Community Relations Award

This award recognizes an individual, other than those directly responsible for a public relations program, who has proven himself or herself to be a leader in using effective school/community relations to build support for public education in his or her community. Nominations will be accepted from any Alabama school, school system, postsecondary institution, educational agency, or association. 

Please submit a one-page nomination letter detailing the name, award to be considered, and the nominee’s credentials to ALSPRA by February 15, 2019.

Please submit nominations in electronic format to

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee made up of ALSPRA members and public relations professionals from the community.  Winners will be recognized at an awards luncheon on March 8, 2019, at ALSPRA Conference in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

Publications Awards Contest

Each year, the Alabama School Public Relations Association acknowledges school Public Relations professionals who demonstrate exceptional communications skills by producing outstanding publications, photography, and electronic media. This evaluation program is designed to provide recognition and professional support for those who do great work in communicating with parents, staff, the media, community members, business partners, and other specialized publics.

How to Enter

The contest is open to any public school, school system, educational agency, or education-related association.  

Provide ONE sample of each entry.

  1. Attach a COMPLETED entry form to each entry.
  2. Include ONE check or money order payable to ALSPRA to cover all entries.
  3. Entry fee is $25 for ALSPRA members and $40 for non-members for each category entry.
  4. Send an electronic pdf of publication, with entry form information to Send check to the P.O. Box below or use Paypal.
  5. If your publication was not made digitally or is better suited to be viewed in print, mail your entries and check in ONE mailing to ALSPRA, P.O. Box 262, Pelham, AL 35124

PAYPAL Instructions:

  1. Click Send (found at the top of page/screen)
  2. Type in email address and the amount
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click "this is for a good or service."
  5. Follow instructions to send.

All contest entries must be postmarked by Friday, February 15, 2019. If sending materials during the last week of the entry period, please send by commercial delivery service or First-Class mail.

Judging and Awards

All contest entries will be evaluated by seasoned public relations professionals. Each entry will be judged on its own merit.  Judges will designate recipients of Gold Awards of Excellence, Silver Awards of Merit, and Bronze Awards of Merit. Judges will also select an overall “Best in Category” winner. See the list of categories below.

Publication Award Categories

Annual Report:

Summary of activities published once per year.


Publications containing a schedule of dates for school year/school activities plus general information about the school or system.

Crisis Communications:

State the issue, and then provide a brief explanation of how you responded. Provide specifics of your response plan (i.e., target audiences, how quickly you responded, avenues of communication used, results that provide your plan worked, etc.) Entry must be held to one type-written page. Supporting documentation such as press releases, PSAs, and copies of web stories, may be submitted with the formal entry.

Electronic Media:

Single program or series of electronic media presentations, not to exceed 30 minutes per program. Entries must be on a CD or DVD or you must submit a link to Vimeo or YouTube. Each entry is limited to one program or series per disc and must show time length or they will be disqualified. Public service announcements (promotional announcements for use on TV or radio) are limited to one PSA per disc and must indicate running time.

Excellence in Writing:

Article, editorial, press release, speech, or other printed work must be between 500 and 5,000 words. Documentation must be provided to show that the work was used or published (i.e., copies, tear sheets, or for speeches provide author, who delivered the speech, and the circumstances of where, when, and audience).


Publication with general information about policies and regulations.

Image/Identity Package:

Logos, stationery, and other graphic elements for a package of materials. Three or more related pieces must be submitted to qualify.

Internet Web Site:

Submit a printed copy of the home page and URL.

Marketing Campaign:

Print or video media accepted. Multiple items constitute a “campaign.” No more than four related pieces may be included for one campaign. Submissions with one item will be disqualified.


Periodicals published externally or internally. Two different issues must be submitted to qualify.

Photography: Submit hard copy of the photograph. PROOF OF HOW IT WAS USED IS REQUIRED. May be internal or external publications/electronic use. Each photo submitted counts as one entry.

Social Media:

Submit an explanation of what social media process you are using (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and the results you are achieving. Provide substantive proof that this is a valuable communications tool.

Special Event:

Events held for recognition and/or stakeholder communication and relationship building may be entered in notebook format. Include details of planning, staff involvement, audience, event management, and communication tools used to facilitate the event.

Special Purpose Publications:

Booklets, brochures, posters, and other materials not included in other categories.